Creative Circus: Carey Gordon, Claire Brucker, Clare Davis

Making healthy choices can be difficult. It’s no different when it comes to snacks. Many snack foods in the market can appear healthy, but are secretly more harmful rather than beneficial to our bodies. Endless amounts of prepackaged groceries saturate the food industry, pumping our bodies full of chemicals and preservatives. Even nutritional labels can be extremely inaccurate. Everything from calorie count to serving size can be manipulated to seem better for you. Looking for healthy alternatives has never been so crucial. We are bombarded everyday by products filled with artificial chemicals and sweeteners that have lasting effects on the body. Yet even when reaching for simple, wholesome snacks, it can leave you to guess how much you should eat per sitting and what the exact nutritional value is.

Armed with the knowledge of clean, healthy eating, WOAH walnuts takes everything you know about snacks and flips it on its head. By reinventing the packaging, we provide a no hassle experience that delivers a healthy, proportioned snack each time. The sliding system, operated by pulling tabs on either side of the box, allows for one side to conveniently stow away the serving cup and the other to safely store the delicious, brain-food walnuts. No more chowing down mindlessly, handful after handful. WOAH eliminates the possibility of overeating and takes care of all the nutritional guess work. However, not only did we consider what goes into the package, but also what it’s made out of. We believe in providing a product that is not only good for the body, but also the planet. With this in mind, we took great care to make sure the box is both recyclable and compostable, and that the recyclable serving cup can be repurposed after use. Not only does this system offer a sustainable, eco-friendly design, it also keeps the product clean and hygienic. Rather than sharing germs by reaching in a communal package, the serving cup distributes the perfect amount of walnuts directly into your hand. Gone is the age of mindless snacking. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the smartest snack, in a nutshell.