Kennesaw State: Nicholas Baker

As a college student and someone on-the-go, I know a major struggle is not only finding the time to pack a snack, but also making sure that it is a healthy one. With this in mind, I wanted to create something that is quick to grab when you’re in a rush and prepackaged with those needs in mind.

Nuts offer a myriad of health benefits and are naturally rich sources of protein, fiber, amino acids, etc. In our world today, people are becoming focused on their health by monitoring what they put into their body now more than ever before. Not only do they want something that is good for their body, but equally as good for the Earth.

A smart brand listens to its consumers, which is why I created Nutritious. A large brand with a local feel. I chose to incorporate the idea of “transparency” by being able to see your food, knowing what you are getting, and knowing where it came from. I chose to go with a chalkboard-style background, handwritten text, and fun facts to play up the idea of education. Nutritious should not only nourish the consumer’s body, but also nourish their mind. The perforated tab allows you to easily access the snack and share with others while avoiding the possible transfer of germs that comes from placing one’s hand into a container.

Most brands typically use plastic bags & metal containers to package their products, which led me to conclude that box packaging made from affordable recyclable materials would stand out in comparison to other brands on the shelf.