Virginia Tech: Thomas Le, Virginia Shih, Dianjin Xu

May Contain Nuts is a simple nuts product for people looking to incorporate healthy eating into their everyday lives. The design is built for on-the-go traveling with its small size but inside are pocket sized boxes to easily grab one and go. The consumer will open the package that will be sealed with tape and will find nut boxes that are single serving sized and includes either walnuts, cashews, or almonds inside. The graphics show that walnuts, cashews, and almonds promote brain, heart, and bone health respectively and advertises the health benefits of each different nut. The graphics are minimal but it is very eye pleasing to catch the consumer’s interest. The quirky graphics will bring attention to the product and will encourage nut consumption in the youth. The package opens backwards and inside contains a total of 12 boxes displaying the same graphics. This fun way to open and close the package is something unlike other packages in the market for nuts right now and makes the product more interesting. We believe that nuts are a healthy snack but are seen as being boring so this style of packaging will bring nuts to everyone in a more modern and creative way.