Michigan State: Joseph Anthony, Natalie Marie

With the health benefits that nuts are known to have, one major concern that comes to mind is how to get children excited about eating the correct amount of these healthy foods. To this end we have created a fun, healthy, alternative snack for kids; and it is easy for parents too! The fun squirrel mascot is one way to help children to be more excited about the prospect of eating peanuts. Our fun circle design breaks apart to reveal the single serving wedges of peanuts. These wedges are easy to tear off and eat on the go to make healthy eating even easier! Simply rip along the perforated lines and watch as the packaging unfolds like an orange to reveal the individual packs hidden inside. Insanutty is a great way to get kids excited about a healthy source of protein in their lunches. The individual serving paks have the correct portions to promote a balanced lunch. Parents will love it too! Gone are the days of parents painstakingly measuring portions from a larger container into individual snack bags. The pre-portioned paks are conveniently sized to quickly and easily throw in any lunch despite the morning chaos. The two unrolling sleeves each hold 8 individual paks and allow them to hang on the pantry door, freeing up shelf space, and helping the pantry to stay organized. The convenient hanging pak-strip makes it easy to quickly grab a single serving to eat on the go, and the perforations along the top of the paks help them to be easy open even for the smallest of hands.

Unlike many of the other snack size peanut packages, or even consumer repacking into plastic snack bags, Insanutty packaging is paperboard based. Being made from paperboard makes Insanutty’s packaging ideal for the environment as it is 100% percent compostable and comes from recycled and renewable sources. The individual paks are wax lined paperboard, keeping the peanuts fresh and delicious while still maintaining its compostability.  Paperboard is also an affordable alternative to plastic in addition to being better and safer for the environment.