University of Bridgeport: Joshua Urban, Nicholas Convertito, Nathaniel Winkler, Brian Wolf

Tree nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts and legumes like peanuts are commonly sold in one of three ways. A plastic container that you can’t get all the nuts out without making a complete mess. A metal tin that is bulky, unappealing and feeds into many peoples’ unconscious behavior of not registering how much they are eating causing them to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Or plastic bags that has all of the problems of the other two with no benefits of a different design. All three have very little recycling capabilities like throwing them in the recycle bin hoping they are recycled properly. GO NUTS was created to eliminate not just these packaging problems, but to introduce a new and exciting way to get your daily source of Tree nuts and Legumes within a sustainable and eco-friendly container. GO NUTS design language speaks of a healthy and green lifestyle. The individual packages are made of cornstarch, a renewable resource. When a customer is done with a package they have many ways of disposing of it. They can place it in the proper disposal, like composting or recycle bins, which takes 1 month to break down or 4 months when placed in locations like landfills. This is leagues above the other packaging which takes 10 to 1000 years to break down! Another benefit of GO NUTS packaging design is it’s tear away containers. Each package contains one daily serving of tree nuts eliminating the fear of over consumption which can destroy diets. GO NUTS can be placed anywhere in the kitchen due to its clean, simple and compact design. Once the eight containers have been eaten the ribbon can be neatly placed in the recycling bin and replaced by your next batch of GO NUTS. GO NUTS was inspired by a modular design to allow for clean packaging and easy understanding of how much one should consume daily. It is the blend of functionality, simplicity, and an eco-friendly mindset that creates an interesting and beneficial experience for the consumer.