Wichita State: Brittany Allen

I wanted to provide consumers with an appropriate snack sized portion of nuts, which offer health benefits with moderate consumption. The visuals of the design are typographic, presenting the traditionally bland information in an interesting, impactful way. The addition of the flap allowed me to hide the necessary information (such as the barcode, ingredient list, etc.) and allow for a seamless design on the outside of the package.

I chose a utilize shades of brown and a muted green color to set my product apart from my major competition (Wonderful Pistachios uses neon green on black packaging) while creating a sense of a natural product – a snack that comes from the earth, not the production line.

The packaging features a perforated tab in which consumers can punch out and use as a disposal for shells. This feature is great for travel, baseball games, or other events in which a disposal can is not immediately available. The lid of the package folds open and can be closed again if the consumer wishes. The triangular shape of the package allows for an easy fit inside of any size hand, and creates an easy-pour experience for users. Once the product is gone, the package can be disassembled and recycled.