University of Bridgeport: Austin Hawks, Brandon Sargeant, George St. Marc, Samuel Jacobson

Tree nuts and legumes have become shadows of their former selves because of greasy and sugary snacks that have flooded the supermarkets and convenience stores over the past few decades. The health benefits of these nuts are staggering compared to the nutritional void left by their highly advertised, unhealthy competitors. All Kinds Of Nuts helps create a daily routine of consuming nuts and legumes, while replacing those other snacks. There are seven different nuts in seven different servings inside of each package. This allows the consumer to enjoy a different flavor and texture everyday of the week. Our Brand is aware of the impact we all have on the environment and we want to create a product that benefits both our customers and the planet simultaneously. We chose to use 100% recycled paperboard, the most environmentally sustainable packaging material for our packaging. “For every ton of virgin paperboard that is converted to coated/uncoated recycled paperboard, one ton of recovered fiber is kept out of municipal landfills. This, in turn, reduces the amount of methane created in the landfill and further decreases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere”(Recycled Paperboard Alliance). The design of our packaging includes nutritional facts, a reminder to recycle and a playful nutty joke inside of each serving. Our clever packaging design uses no secondary packaging for consumer consumption and after use it is easily recycled.