GA Tech: Jing Shui, Shuyi Wang, Wen Hua, Yan Tan

It is a well-known fact that nuts are great sources for nutrients. They are loaded with unsaturated fats, fber, Vitamin E and wide range of minerals. They are an antoxidant powerhouse and help prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes. However, over-consumpton of nuts can cause opposite efects. According to a study, people eatng more than 20 grams of nuts daily did not show any reducton of risks of health problems. Besides, overeatng may also result in weight gaining and digestve issues.

Enter 7 Nuts, the new generaton of package design for nuts. The package contains 7 individual packs, with each pack holds right amount of mixed nuts for daily consumpton. You can grab a pack on the go, and eat it from the pack directly without making your hands dirty. Moreover, the materials for both the outer box and the individual packs are sustainable. By collectng all 7 empty packs, you can assemble the “7 Nuts” logo and use it as a coupon to save 7% of your next purchase. To recycle the package, simply put the empty packs back and bring the box to your nearest store.