Chowan University: Benjamin Schuch, Shelby Barlowe, Olivia Borer, Zoe Beale

Batteries were invented back in the 1800’s and have since been revolutionized. Now batteries are a part of our daily lives. We use them in our television remotes, game controllers, kid toys, etc. Batteries over these years have evolved into both a longer shelf life and useful life. The one thing that remains the same is their packaging. Every time people buy batteries, they are packaged in a plastic material that never opens the way it is supposed to. This leads to the consumer having to cut the plastic, which is not an easy task, and leaves the consumer in danger of injuring themselves. Volt has fixed this problem with their latest packaging design. Volt has created an easy-to-open pull-away lid that allows batteries to slide out without all of them spilling everywhere. This allows the consumer to take out the correct amount of batteries and provides storage afterwards. In addition, Volt has two versions of the package. One of the versions has two boxes that tear apart with one tear and interlock together to be a battery holder and a battery disposer. The disposal box is used to promote customers to recycle their batteries which are filling our landfills. There is a QR code on every box that the customer can scan to find the nearest recycling plant. Once a customer uses and disposes of the batteries, the box that held the new batteries becomes the disposal box. The customer then just buys refill packs which is just the battery half of the package. This system is explained using a simple diagram on the back of the box. Volt’s packaging is great for the customer since they only have to pay the extra cost, which is minimal, the first time. This is also great for businesses since it creates brand loyalty. Both the single box and the double box are both one piece so there is no additional cost for production. Volt’s batteries are recyclable, so why shouldn’t the packaging be recyclable as well? The materials used in the packaging are all recyclable and biodegradable. The Inks used are water based inks to minimize pollution. Next time instead of purchasing old outdated Energizer batteries, make your life easy - think new, think volt.