Virginia Tech: Gillian Cubbage, Jacob Neider, Zachary Smith

Our sleek, modern design was inspired by a desire for a cereal box that is self-contained and easy to use. The pour spout allows for smooth, easy dispensing of the cereal. It is easy to open, with an accessible pull tab. To close, users gently push down on the top, and it easily locks into place, sealing in the cereal for maximum freshness. Cereal boxes typically require the cereal itself to be contained in a separate, non-resealable plastic bag that is frustrating to open properly. We wanted to save consumers the hassle. To make this possible, we incorporated the bag into the body of the box, eliminating the need to rip open the lid to access the cereal. This makes it so that consumers do not need to try to roll up a bag and try to clamp it shut, while also trying to maintain the bag’s ability to fit inside the box. The transparent sides and cut-out logo allow consumers to actually see what they are getting, rather than an enlarged, extra-stylized rendition of what the cereal would look like in perfect circumstances. The unique appearance of our cereal box is designed to make it stand out from typical boxes in the grocery store.