The Creative Circus: Ivy Phan, Darnell Watts, Susanna Rodgers, Darren Martin

Problem: Cereal has been around since the mid 1800s. In that time, not a lot has been done to fix its popular box container. The tab/closing system is easily ripped, the bag doesn’t seamlessly open, and the box’s contents never fill all the way up. It’s large, doesn’t conveniently fit all pantries, and its contents frequently go stale. It’s not user (kid) friendly, either. Countless mornings have started off sour thanks to someone forgetting to roll the bag up or close the top flap. For something to be so rectangular in shape, the cereal box certainly is square. Solution: Swivel - a container with a fun shape, efficient storage mechanism, and easy-to-use portion measurer. It holds the same amount of cereal as a normal rectangular package, due to its utilization of every available space within its smaller, more economical container. The smaller size keeps the contents airtight and safe from moisture, making a typical cereal bag obsolete. Another benefit of the smaller size is that it fits more conveniently within a cabinet, pantry, or store shelf. The container is also recyclable and reusable. It’s made from 100% biodegradable plant starch-based materials, perfect for recycling. And with its attractive shape and airtight properties, it can be used to store other materials, or the bottom can be used for additional measuring. Speaking of, one of Swivel’s best features is its ability to accurately measure a single serving. With childhood obesity at an all time high, parents are more concerned than ever about the volume and contents of what they’re feeding their children. With the average American bowl being three times the size of a recommended serving size and childhood obesity occurring in one out of five American children, it’s more important than ever to ensure children are getting proper portions. While all of these properties may be important to the parents, the package must be appealing to children as well. Each package has its own world and different set of fun creatures based on the flavor of the cereal. Swivel eliminates awkward package openings, stale cereal, wasteful materials, and a larger than necessary container size. Swivel adds a solution to portion control and a helpful way to combat childhood obesity. Not to mention the fun, colorful characters on the containers. With Swivel, you’ll never go back to a normal cereal box again.