Portfolio Center: Michael Dangerbooth, Lauren Sanders, Clay Harris, Clive Neish, Luke Romig

Deli meat packaging forces consumers to waste valuable time. The single option zipper package standard requires countless trips and zips by consumers to achieve their hunger goal. Stricken by hunger or in a hurry; consumers can’t easily access their needs for meal making or even a simple snack. We found the repetition from countless trips to and from the fridge due to single meat packaging, the non sustainable single-option method, and the inability to transport deli meat while still ensuring fresh quality, causes consumers to go without eating. When people don't eat, an affect known as “hanger” occurs. When people get hangry food becomes an emergency. We’re not ourselves when we’re hangry. Combining intuitive design and sustainable purpose, we created The Hangry Emergency Pack. Built to make the world a less hangry place. The pack provides assorted varieties of meats to satisfy every palate. Using individual portions so you always get the amount you need with easy access. Keeping in mind the ability to keep meat fresher, longer. We coated the packages’ interior surfaces using all natural preserving methods derived from plants. We also helped consumers take their meal on the go with easily transportable individual packaging that ensure fresh taste for longer. The Hangry Emergency Pack—The Cure to Your Hangry.