Florida State University: Diego Hitch, Ryan Miller, Courtney Voyals, Luis Chong

Batteries are typically sold in packaging comprised of various types of hard plastic. Many of them require external tools, such as scissors or knives, to open these packages. Each day numerous people acquire injuries attempting to open these battery packages. While an injury may be from the tool used or the hard plastic itself, too many people are getting hurt doing something so simple. A new dispensing package, created from corrugate, has removed the dangerous aspect from the package. The package is opened by punching two small perforated holes in the lid of the container. The batteries can be poured out through either of these two holes. If the user does not want the dispensing aspect of the package, they can use the two holes as a handle to open the entire lid of the package and then manually remove the batteries from the package. Each package fits 8 batteries, in accordance with common package size in the current marketplace. By maintaining a similar graphic design as an Energizer battery, customers will utilize brand recognition and be drawn to the package. Due to the corrugate material, the package is 100% recyclable and inexpensive to manufacture. The package is able to stand on both a horizontal and vertical axis. This increases the ease of transportation and storage. This revolutionary design will not only be safe for people of all ages, but also increase the overall accessibility