Pratt Insitute: Yufei Zhou, Tiffany Wu, Zi Qiao Guan

Story: One day, Tony, the thirteen-year-old boy is playing video on his laptop at home. All of a sudden, his wireless mouse battery is dead. He runs to the kitchen, to the study room, to the living room, tries to find backup batteries in the supply cabinets. This happens in life frequently, and is very annoying. What if we can solve this issue by inventing a unique packaging for the batteries? Problem: Ordinary packaging for batteries is a plastic mold with a paperboard back. After taking out the ones users need, they will leave the rest aside and eventually forget where they are. Another problem we may face is how to open the package. When pulling the thermoforming plastic mold apart from cardboard, its edge may cut our fingers, and the batteries may drop out. Solution: Our goal is to create a very useful, recognizable and eco-friendly packaging Our proposal addresses all the inconvenient issues in the ordinary battery packaging. First of all, we transform the packaging structure to a geometric form, a long right triangle. With this simple form, consumers can place it to places that are easily noticeable; for example in a drawer, on the edge of an office desk, or any corner in a room. The primary colors on the packaging are very sharp and bright, so that consumers can find the product easily. To open the battery package, consumers simply peel off the seal on one side of the triangle, where the “+” sign is, and a battery will be pulled out from the box. After use, consumers can slip it back to the other end, where “-“ sign is, as storage for recycling. When all the batteries in the package are taken out and used, there will be a sheet with the title “The Edge” written on it so that consumers know that all the batteries are used. All paper materials for the packaging are 100% recycled and bio-degradable, which is eco-friendly and it helps reducing paper wastes. In order to solve the problems consumers may face, EDGE battery offers a safe and distinctive experience, as well as a simple design for interior display purpose.