Rutgers: Fenghua Zeng, Paula Galvao, Brian Loja, Jeremy Bond

Batteries are used by everyone in a wide variety of applications. Why must battery packaging be so difficult to open and wasteful? Contemporary battery packaging consists primarily of carded packaging. Carded packaging is a frustrating concept that benefits only the packaging industry and retailer, not the consumer. We believe the modern package needs to integrate megatrends that are relevant to the consumer. The package should influence consumer behavior and create a ‘wow’ factor such as value, behavior and lifestyle that can be monetized through a positive consumer experience. This is where the EcoPower truly shines. The EcoPower is a complete rethinking of traditional battery packaging. It offers consumer convenience highlighting the design attributes of the package as well as its functionality. It is easy, right and simple! The EcoPower is a small sealed paperboard tube designed to resemble the shape of a battery. The consumer opens the package by pulling a perforated tab around the tube. The upper portion of this package can then be removed revealing the batteries in a small silo­like compartment. The consumer can easily remove the batteries from the tube by simply grabbing the inner structure from the tip. The EcoPower silos feature small flanges on the bottom, keeping the batteries securely in place. Scalability was something we were keenly aware of when designing the EcoPower. This cylindrical design can be scaled up both in diameter or height to accommodate different quantities and sizes of batteries. The EcoPower is designed with the intention of evoking the product within a battery. We believe this design can be adapted to a variety of battery brands color schemes. The cylindrical shape is both easier on the hands and eyes than existing designs. This design is made of entirely recycled paperboard, and is thus completely recyclable. In addition, the EcoPower design allows for easy and convenient transport of used batteries to a recycling center. We would recommend users simply place used batteries back into the EcoPower in an upside down orientation to signify their energy depletion. This is a win­win, increasing the ease of recycling both the product and packaging is something consumers and manufacturers alike can appreciate. The level of engagement is increased by printing and decoration factors that give our package a bold personality which increases the odds of attracting new consumers and retaining loyal consumers.