The Creative Circus: Lindsey Willis, Mariel Chavez, Kamey Murphy

Batteries are a crucial source of energy that keeps our world running. The current packaging’s design does not allow users to operate with ease. Opening the packaging is a frustrating, messy process. Once opened, batteries cannot be held in the original packaging safely. Adding to the issue, no recycling services are provided for used batteries and the responsibility is on the consumer to find services that will dispose of their batteries safely. This results in over 3 billion batteries thrown into the garbage each year, which end up in landfills further damaging our Earth. That’s why we created Dual, batteries packaged in a sleek, elongated dispenser. By taking away the bulk of traditional battery packages, there will be more room for the product to live on shelves in stores. The package is designed so the consumer can easily access the product by releasing the tab provided at the bottom, which dispenses one battery at a time. Once finished, they can reseal the package and conveniently place it into a drawer. No scissors, cuts, or lost batteries means no frustration. Dual also works for the environment. We replaced the plastic we usually see on batteries with 100% biodegradable paper. Contributing to our efforts for a healthier tomorrow, Dual dispensers double as return packaging to provide a foolproof way of recycling batteries, which is a process that remains a mystery for most consumers. Once a battery dies, place it back in the original package. The last battery will be wrapped in a small shipping label for you to place on the box when you’re ready. We’ll take care of the rest. Dual makes it easy for everyone to buy such an essential item, while also feeling good knowing our Earth is a safer place with less waste.