University Of Bridgeport: Kang Hun Lee, Areum Song

Cereal has been loved by American as a breakfast when they start a busy day. Because of the convenience which we can eat it quickly and easily, many people buy the cereal boxes. Kids are the one of the primary consumers in the market. So cereal brands have been developed many flavors which would kids like. Nowadays, the cereal has been changed as a way to manage diet and much more people eat cereal in the world. The consumer range has been expanded from the kids to the adults. Even though there are many companies, brands and the flavors of cereal, every package of the cereal is a box which has a plastic bag in there. The new package of the cereal box is Cerea-Mill, cereal is in the one corner rounded box. Every Cerea-mill package is made up the milk carton so there is no plastic bag. Just open the bottom of the box and spin the wheel do the function of the open and close the box simultaneously. The wheel on the box will give you the chance to control the amount of cereal to eat very easily. On the box, next to the wheel, there are two guide lines which are informing the angle of wheel. Spin the wheel once up to quarter degrees will produce a palmful of the cereal. Also you can see the approximative amount of the cereal without open the box. The Cerea-Mill has a window on front of the box. The unique one corner rounded design is will stand out conspicuously on market shelves. The vivid and joyful graphic design on the package appeals to the broad range of consumers. As the flavors, different colors were used on the graphic. On the side of box, there are very easy illustration for the how to use this new package box and how to control the amount of cereal. On the back side of the box, there is an illustration which means the ingredient of cereal. With this new designed package, to control the diet is will be easy to check the amount of a meal. Cerea-mill is going to be a pleasant meal to the busy people, kids, and people who want to control the diet in many cities.