University of Kansas: Haley Hennier, Megan Reilly, Kaitlyn Mulroney, Neil Duval

For this 48 hour repack competition, our group decided to redesign the standard cereal box packaging. We chose cereal box packaging because of the inherent flaws of traditional cereal boxes as well as the opportunity for a fun packaging design targeted towards children. Some of the problems with traditional boxes that we identified and wanted to address in this redesign were the pouring mechanism, the closing and opening system of the box, and finally the structure of the packaging. The concept cereal that we created for this project is called Bumbles, a whole grain oat cereal with honey flavor. Naturally, we chose to do a hexagonal hive-like box which lends itself nicely to stacking while shipping and presents interesting display opportunities in the grocery store. Bumbles hexagonal box was created using a traditional two-dimensional net out of chipboard that was then folded and glued along the tabs. The efficient hexagonal box design maintains the same volume while only using 90% of the material that a traditional cereal box takes to produce, thus saving on production cost and reducing overall waste produced. We designed our box to be three inches deep to provide a more stable base, which resulted in the sides of the box being shorter than a traditional cereal box and therefore stronger. It is our hope that through the creation of a honey themed cereal packaging that we can promote the preservation of the worlds waning honeybee population. Traditional cereal boxes typically rely on a tab system at the top of the box that is sealed after each use in order to preserve freshness. Often, children do not take the time or simply forget to close the cereal box, resulting in unprotected and often stale cereal. Our hexagonal design Bumbles 1 features and easy pour spout on the side of the box that is sealed upon purchase, opened with a simple tab, and simply slides closed after being used. Our intention is that this slide mechanism is more easily operated and understandable for young children to use and thus promotes proper storage and preservation ensuring freshness of the product. Bumbles is targeted primarily to children, so we created fun and playful bee themed graphics featuring a queen bee, and two worker bees. Considering the life after the use of the product, we designed three unique graphics for the back of the box to create a series that can be collected and expanded. After the cereal is gone, kids play with the packaging, using them as building blocks for stacking and arranging them into different, custom forms. Because the packaging is made of a recyclable material, the boxes can be easily broken down and put into the recycling bin when the kids are done with the boxes. Bumbles 2 Works Cited AuthorLastName, FirstName. Title of the Book Being Referenced. City Name: Name of Publisher, Year. Type of Medium (e.g. Print). LastName, First, Middle. "Article Title." Journal Title (Year): Pages From - To. Print.