University of Kansas: Janae Hall, Jack Hoard, Grace Heitmann, Claire Zimmerman, Michael McCulley

Our team chose to approach the redesign of the Minute Maid® kids juice box or pouch with a special focus on the straw and handling. The straw is easy to lose difficult to open and hard to insert into the small foil puncture spot on the top of the box or pouch. With our new design we aimed to simplify the user experience, minimize waste and still keep the fun and enjoyment of drinking a juice box.

In our new design, every piece of the juice box is contained within itself. We have eliminated small pieces, and instead have created a product made up of recyclable material that can easily be recycled in just one step. This new design, which uses minimal force against a flat surface to poke the straw upwards through a foil lining, no longer requires the user to fumble with a small straw and puncture point. The new box creates an interface that the user needs only one hand to operate from start to finish and requires very little dexterity. With a rounded rectangular shape, the ease of packing and transportation is maintained. The slight adjustment to the form creates a more ergonomic grip, without sacrificing packing density. We have also added an edible fruit gummy that would fit in the top of and cover the straw. This seal would be completely edible and would simply be squeezed off the top of the straw in one’s mouth, acting as a seal to the straw before the first drink so that the juice will not spill or splash before the user is ready to drink.

The branding of the product is optimistic and child-like. Primary colors and hand-written text are truly eye-catching on the shelf. The name Zumo and the pattern in the branding both reflect the product itself. The pattern is an abstract visualization of the juice and the fruit it is made from. The name Zumo comes from the Spanish word meaning to juice or squash, an appropriate reference to the pressing motion used to open the packaging. This name is also fun for kids as it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue. Kids will love this product for its bright and fun packaging as well as for the enjoyment that comes from pressing it against the table to reveal the straw.