Clemson University: Frances Baxter, Erika Violett, Mengmeng Zhao, Lia Rebettge

Keurig K-­‐Cups are a staple in many homes because of its ease of use, however, the packaging is not as easy to use as the machine. Currently bulk packaging uses a simple corrugated box to house the K-­‐Cups making it difficult pick out cups.

Wakey Wakey Coffee Co makes waking up in the morning for coffee a much easier task. Our innovative brand uses a triangular shaped box for easy storage and unique display. The triangle box opens along the middle using a perforated tear strip when torn, reveals two triangle shaped boxes with holes for each K-­‐cup. When purchasing Wakey Wakey Coffee Co K-­‐cups in bulk, a sleeve encases 4 triangular shaped boxes which each hold 12 K-­‐Cups. The sleeve has a paperboard handle, improving functionality and allowing for easy transportation from store to home. The sleeve and boxes are made using a 100% recyclable craft paperboard making the packaging more eco-­‐friendly. This bulk packaging allows the consumer to only keep out what they need in neat triangles or creatively display the boxes. Each triangular box has slits and hooks to allow the boxes to interlock. Wakey Coffee Co breaks away from typical bulk packaging by removing the large box that takes up a lot of room in the kitchen and replacing it with smaller more compact boxes. It reduces the need for other Keurig accessories such as a carousel to hold K-­‐cups. The packaging itself becomes the display and consumer selection structure. Wakey Wakey Coffee Co creates a personalized and organized morning.