Michigan State University: Jill Bickley, Genevieve Gagnier, Alie Slagle, Hanna Holmi, Chloe Jennings

They say life is about the little things, so why not package all the little things in something larger than life? The Keurig K-Cup has become an iconic part of today’s culture providing a delightful and convenient brewing experience. With that comes the recognizable shape and strong market presence. The Coffee Club Multipack mimics the K-Cup shape, so consumers instantly make a Keurig connection when they see it.

In the current K-Cup bulk pack, the pods are scattered in a standard folding carton. This cluttered system causes consumer frustration when they can’t find their favorite blend. The Coffee Club Multipack provides consumers with an interactive experience that is sure to be a crowd pleaser wherever it goes. The design is a functional and visually appealing container while also acting as a conversation starter for your morning coffee break. The pack holds 30 individual K-Cups, which is comparable to existing bulk packs. A simple die-cut handle provides the ideal ergonomics for convenient carrying and ease of transport. Consumers can bring their favorite variety packs anywhere they desire. The Coffee Club Multipack is made entirely from paperboard, which supports Keurig’s commitment to sustainability and offers a solution for promoting consumer recycling efforts. The perforated zipper tab reveals an array of blends and allows the K-Cups to spiral down around the outside of the package. Individuals are reminded to get their day rolling with one of their favorite brews.

The variety of blends Keurig offers matches the diversity of the events The Coffee Club can be a part of. All flavors are easily displayed, so there is no longer a stressful hunt to find that beloved brew. With the ability of the pack to contain multiple flavors, it truly supports the gathering of people, each with their own unique taste. The pack also removes the need for separate racking systems that require consumers to stock themselves. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen countertop, office, social gathering, or holiday event. The strategic placement of the K-Cups offers an excellent presentation of the individual pods and clearly displays the unique flavors that were picked for each edition of The Coffee Club.

The Coffee Club offers the perfect opportunity for individuals to reconnect with family, friends, and coworkers and appreciate their surroundings. From quality coffee to meaningful conversations, The Coffee Club provides an unexpected platform for individuals to recognize how important the little things are in life. Take that extra moment today to have a cup of coffee and not only awaken your tired eyes, but awaken a new perspective on the simple things that matter most.