California Polytechnic: Katherine Exum, Lisa Nguyen, Alex Yeo, Andrew Babb, Samuel Baber

When Ruth Handler introduced the world to Barbie on March 9th, 1959, she understood that “pretend play was an important part of growing up”. Since then, Barbie dolls have been a quintessential aspect of childhood across the globe, allowing children to exercise their imaginations. With success in over 150 career fields from Astronaut Barbie to Nurse Barbie, Barbie empowers young girls that not only can they have their dream house, but they can achieve their dreams.

Our package captures the spirit of Barbie and encourages kids to foster their greatest gift: their imagination. Unlike standard Barbie packaging, our package provides a backdrop for children to be creative, engaged, and inspired.

Made entirely of sustainable paperboard and highly recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and inspired by the pages of books, our “School’s Out Barbie: Color and Play!” package provides a series of personalizable backdrops that elevate children’s play. Each page comes fully printed, but features drawings that children can color to their heart’s desire. This allows consumers the benefit of beautifully printed graphics while promoting the individuality of each child, making for a precious keepsake.

Beyond reducing the waste thrown away, our package eliminates the annoying twist ties pervasive in Barbie packaging. Instead, Barbie is secured using paperboard. A paperboard stand keeps her feet firmly planted while a paperboard belt keeps her secured at the waist. In conjunction with the paperboard, a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) encasing adds another layer of protection and ensures Barbie makes it to retailers in pristine condition in her custom made shipperdisplay. Getting to Barbie is easier with our package design as well, due to our easy access feature. To remove Barbie from the package, children simply rip open a perforated tear tab located on the back.

Once children are ready for play, the package can be propped up and turned to specific pages for a specific summer themed backdrop. The decision to utilize a “School’s Out Barbie!” theme is to include backdrops that young girls in Barbie’s targeted age group would find relatable and exciting as they “take Barbie on her summer adventure!”

As her website reminds us, “with a professional resume thicker than a phonebook, a circle of friends that rival any social network, and a community of caring that spans the globe, Barbie continues to find new ways to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls.” Our innovative package allows Barbie to do just that by empowering girls to thoroughly imagine their own world and all its possibilities.