California Polytechnic: Brooke Billmeyer, Mackey Peek, Samuel Baber

Since the Keurig K-Cup innovation was first introduced back in 1998, coffee consumption has never been the same. The seemingly limitless varieties and attractive alternatives have allowed K-Cups to become synonymous with the ultimate level of brewing freedom, winning over the hearts of not only coffee connoisseurs but the general public. However, as K-Cup variety has expanded, with more and more companies hopping on board, the secondary packaging has remained primitive in terms of both innovation and functionality. The current bulk packaging serves only as a simple containment unit, allowing the K-Cups to stack loosely within the package. The remedy is Pacific Roast, k-cups packaged in hexagonal tubes that compliment the elegance of the Keurig brewer. Each hexagon dispenser is designed to interlock with one another, allowing the consumer to pattern different roasts in his or her unique geometric design. The package incorporates an easy, re-closeable dispenser system, providing a convenient display of your daily morning roast. Every roast package is made of 100% recycled paperboard, contributing to its sustainable and organic image. The hexagon dispenser is also entirely one piece, providing a feasibly simple cut, assembly, and fill for the manufacturer. Pacific Roast offers three distinct products, light, medium, and dark roast. Sold in individual units or in an arrangement of six, the consumer has the option to purchase multiple dispensers or simply replace their most-used roast. The unique six-sided design not only supports five k-cups, but also can easily be held in one hand. Furthermore, the front dispenser duals as a tamper-proof seal, minimizing theft. Today’s society has embraced a new image, where portrayal through social media outlets is focused on expressive composition and creativity. The unique structure of the package allows the consumer to create and redesign his or her own individual masterpiece, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Inspired by the beautiful central coast of California, Pacific Roast stays true to the earth in an organic existence conveyed through the branding and package design. Like your neighborhood coffee shop, Pacific Roast turns taking a simple cup of coffee into an experience.