University of Wisconsin - Stout: Cody Felts

Since I don’t own a Keurig coffee machine, I had to make a quick trip to Target. I noticed that they had packs of 18 and a few packs of 3. I chose to do a 6-pack because 18 seemed to be too much of one flavor, and if you are only getting 3 then you are probably buying a couple packs. The shape of my design is mostly for display, but it also separates one flavor from the other. The cover that comes over the top (towards the end of my video) is supposed to have a perf that allows the cover to be torn away after its protective purposes have been served. The K Cups are 1/8” from the surface to make for an easy pick-up. To prevent sloping, 14 point paperboard should be strong enough. 100% Recyclable.