University of Kansas: Hanan O El Shoubaki, Colin H Bain, Rebekah C Winegarner, Adam Henderson

Johnny Apple Juice is more than just a juice box, it’s an experience! Every detail of the packaging has been designed to be playful and full of fun, all while being easy to use. The experience begins at the store with Johnny Apple Juice’s unique packaging. The bright shiny apples and whimsical crate help them to stand out out in crowd. Juice lovers young and old are sure to love bringing home a crate of fresh juicy apples. But the fun has just begun! Once you’re at home, there’s nothing to stand between thirsty sippers and their juice. The open crate makes it easy to reach in and pick the freshest looking apple. Just tear the stem and you’re ready to enjoy! The built-in straw passes through the core of the apple straight to the bottom, ensuring not a drop is wasted. The fun doesn’t end when the juice is gone. Squeezing the empty apple transforms the round shape of the bottle into a used up apple core ready to be discarded. But wait! Don’t just throw that old apple into the trash! Johnny Apple Juice bottles are made of biodegradable corn-based plastic and recycled paperboard that can be thrown into a garden or a compost bin, just like a real apple. Johnny Apple Juice, it’s good to the core!