Creative Circus: Hollis Griffith, Gil Templeton

Using flour in the kitchen is almost always a messy endeavor. Whether it seeps out of the bag’s pores when you drop it on the counter, or a flour avalanche ensues when you try to pour it into a measuring cup, flour will usually end up in unwanted places.

To solve this problem, we introduce Strictly Business Flour: it doesn’t mess around. Due to flour’s clumpy nature, we decided that pouring it from pre-­‐ measured, individual packets would make the process infinitely cleaner and more manageable than measuring from a clumsy, clump-­‐prone container.

A cup’s worth of flour is placed inside of a small, recyclable manila envelope, and ten of these envelopes are arranged like files inside of a filing cabinet. When using Strictly Business Flour, open the flour filing cabinet, remove a flour file, and pour flour from the envelope into its desired destination. Any excess flour left in an opened envelope can be closed up and saved for next time.

In terms of sustainability, customers can drop the post-­‐consumer paper envelopes in a recycling bin once the flour inside of them has been used. The flour cabinet is constructed from minimalist recyclable cardboard. On top of this, just think of all the paper towels that won’t be needed to wipe up flour from countertops and floors.

The theme present for Strictly Business Flour includes the business-­‐oriented, no-­‐nonsense aesthetic of a filing cabinet. This is a product that allows customers to get right down to business when cooking with flour. There is no need for a big bag of flour, unpredictable clumps within these bags, spills, measuring cups, and unintentionally powdered faces.