Creative Circus: Brittany Tooker, Rebecca Wang, Jenny Brown

It’s 10 PM and you just got back from work. All you want to do is collapse onto your bed. Shoes still on, of course. But there’s still dessert to make for Friendsgiving tomorrow. Somehow you manage to raise yourself from the dead and head to the kitchen. Ingredients, check. Bowls, check. 90s hits album, check. First, add the flour and you might as well stop there because immediate chaos ensues.

There’s flour on your counters, your floor, your hair, and your shirt, which already had a stain on it, but it was still your favorite. Ironically, it seems like the only place the flour didn’t get to is the measuring cup.

SIMPLE Flour takes away all the mess and day-ruining vibes out of traditional bags of flour. The geometric shape of the container collapses onto itself as you use the flour so it’s easier to store. The flour dispenser gives you easy control of the amount that flows out so no more surprise powder avalanches. Just turn left to dispense small amounts or turn right to dispense a heck of a lot. The cap that sits below the flour dispenser doubles as a flexible measuring cup. So now you can get the precise amount needed without having to rummage through the kitchen drawers. Once you have your perfect measurement, the cap conveniently detaches so you can pour it right into your bowl. Throughout the whole process, the only time you’re in contact with the flour is when the cap is detached, which minimizes waste and mass flour dust explosions. Speaking of minimizing waste, the container and flour dispenser are made out of Sugarcane Bagasse molded pulp paper, which is compostable and recyclable. The measuring cap attached to every unit is made out of plastic, which means SIMPLE is 100% recyclable. You can thank us for the good karma coming your way.

The patterns in the graphics represent the hullabaloo associated with traditional flour packages and the white spaces represent the relief SIMPLE brings to chaotic kitchens across the nation.

Life can sometimes be a hot mess. Let’s not add to it.