Clemson University: Kelsey Byrd, Marcus Mrazeck, Haley Ellis, Elizabeth Sweeney

Tacos and burritos of the past were simply wrapped in aluminum foil, and while this serves to contain the products, innovation was certainly lacking. Foil alone doesn’t effectively regulate temperature, allow for on-­‐the-­‐go consumption, or protect delicate food items from damage, but Neato Burrito offers a pretty “neat” solution. Its geometric body acts as an accordion that gradually compresses during taco or burrito consumption. Furthermore, the foil-­‐lined paperboard effectively maintains the products’ steamy temperatures and incorporates a more ecofriendly, recyclable component. In other words, Neato Burrito marries the barrier properties of a foil with the structural integrity of a board. The material exhibits dead fold properties that, when compressed, maintain shape and will not return to their extended position, allowing the consumer to more easily access his or her food while on the go.

The burrito and taco packaging have many features that make them unique. The burrito features a closure at the top of the package that gives the consumer two different options. When the consumer chooses to lift the closure panel from the top of the burrito packaging, they are easily able to eat their burrito on the go. After removing this panel, a tear strip allows the card to hang from the package so that it will not be separated and lost, in case the consumer wishes to reclose their burrito and save it for later. The accordion design allows the consumer to eat their burrito with one hand as they compress the packaging to reveal more of the burrito as needed. This design doesn’t tear the package into small, hard to contain pieces of foil or paper. As an added feature the packaging fits easily into the cup holder of a car and is stable enough to stand on its’ own, solving the problem of having to eat a burrito quickly on the go and not enjoy it. However, if the consumer wants to eat their burrito at home or in the store, they can tear the side of the package after lifting the card from the closed position. The consumer can pull the tear strip along the length of the package, ripping along the perforation. This allows the package to lay flat and create a placemat for the consumer to enjoy their meal.

The hard shell taco packaging, like the burrito, allows the shell to be supported so that it can stand upright and keep the contents from spilling. The taco packaging also contains the capabilities to be compressed as you eat in order to allow easier access to the food. The structure also has the ability to lay flat, creating a small dish to catch anything that may fall out.