Portfolio Center: Alice Chaosurawong, Emily Kemp, Ruth Brown, Robert Bienvenu, Lexie Craig

For centuries, flour has been one of the most essential ingredients in cooking. It is the blank canvas with which we create our cuisine. Unfortunately, the current flour selection process is plagued with a plethora of mundane and unsuitable designs. After purchasing flour, comes the chore of carrying it home. The terribly awkward, illshaped sack demands the use of both hands. Additionally, the typical thin paper package is prone to holes and leaks. When you’re ready to use the flour, you attempt to open it without a white, grainy cloud assaulting your face. Next, you attempt to pour the flour into a measuring cup, or scoop it out of the bag without spilling. If you successfully complete these tasks, you advance to the stage of using the flour while never really knowing how much is left in the bag. These design monstrosities make flour the perfect item to repack.

At Homespun, we’ve worked hard to take the hassle out of handling flour. We’ve eliminated the bulky bag and designed ergonomic containers with both you and the environment in mind. Our 5 lb packages simplify the lives of frequent food experimenters and savvy family chefs alike. And our 2 lb packages are perfect for the occasional chef. Both containers were created to fit comfortably in one hand. Want to sift? That’s no problem either. Our patentpending cap allows you to switch between pour and sift as you wish. Furthermore, we’ve diminished the desire to conceal or displace your flour in cupboards and canisters. Both our large and small containers are charming enough to warrant space on any countertop.

The exterior of Homespun flour packaging is made from a mix of PLA, bagasse, and bay leaves. Both PLA, a bioplastic, and bagasse, a sugar cane derivative, are biodegradable and compostable materials. A pinch of bay leaves, a natural insect repellent, is added to prevent little pantry invaders from feasting on your flour. Our cap as well as our sifter are made from Tetra Pak, another a biodegradable material. On the interior of our package, you will find a clear multipurposed material called Nature Flex. This renewable and compostable transparent film is produced from wood pulp. It lines the inside of each container, working as a barrier to oxygen and moisture. A quick glance through the Nature Flex film “window”, displayed on the back of our package, cleverly allows you to see the number of cups that remain. Additionally, this antistatic bioplastic keeps flour from accumulating at the bottom of the container, ensuring you make the most out of each Homespun flour purchase.

Here at Homespun, we are dedicated to delivering quality products. We constantly search for innovative ways to improve our processes. Whether you’re upholding an old tradition or trying something new, we want to help you have a great kitchen experience. Let us inspire you to explore your inner artisan. Put your own spin on cooking with Homespun.