University of Wisconsin: Alexandria Weinfurter, Sara Miyanaka

Flour is a key ingredient to many recipes, but the consumer experience with the typical paper bagged package is a messy and tiresome one. Current packaging faces the issues of measuring the flour without creating a mess, ease of opening, difficulty dispensing and addressing new markets.

Flour Cup first addresses the needs of improved functionality by transforming the big bulky flour bags into easy single use experiences. The package is designed for instant results by eliminating the need to measure the ingredient or fuss with storing the large leaking bag. Instead, Flour Cup is as easy as holding the handle of the package and peeling the tab of the lid as the flour contents are poured into the mixing bowl. The convenience of pre-­‐measured flour makes ingredient shopping easier for newcomers to the grocery aisles who don’t have a need for large quantities of flour. Flour Cup offers four sizes: ¼ cup, 1/3 cup, ½ cup and 1 cup. This allows the consumer to select the exact quantity needed for their recipe. Clear, bold and colorful typography help the consumer spot this newly engineered flour package on the shelf.

Flour Cup is aware that not every person who buys flour uses it daily, weekly or even monthly. Studies have shown that people are spending less time in food preparation. Flour Cup has used these studies to explore an unchartered market of 18-­‐30 year olds, non-­‐gender specific who are interested in purchasing small quantities of flour for a special occasion cooking session. Pre-­‐measuring these small quantities reflects the instant, accessible, friendly interests of our audience. Flour Cup reinforced the measuring cup in its typographic logo but also in its three-­‐ dimensional shape to increase shelf presence. The playful identity speaks to the consumer who wants to explore creativity in the kitchen with no-­‐pressure of being a master chef. Incorporating photographic images is used to increase the relationship of the tool, ingredient and final product. The bold color directions form the system of multiple sizes and capture the demographic.

Flour Cups is not targeted for all bakers. People who bake or cook often will find the idea of buying flour in such small amounts crazy. But the target market of people who bake occasionally will love it. Even though Flour Cups is priced slightly higher per ounce than a bagged product due to the individual packaging costs, Flour Cups will individually only cost less than 50 cents and our target market will always go for that price over the $3-­‐$5 price for larger bagged products. Therefore this product becomes highly profitable when our target market is choosing Flour Cups over competitor brands.

Because Flour Cups has a mission to be as sustainable and friendly to the environment as possible, the casted measuring cups are engineered from 100% recycled egg cartons and printed with soy-­‐based inks. When recycling Flour Cups, consumers can utilize recycling disposals, compost their product or use it as a carrier for their next “#instaflour” creation.