Pratt Institute: Paula Ip, Ning Li, Wanjan Lee, Aaron Sage

Opening a bag of flour? Poof! White dust gets everywhere and makes a complete mess. Try pouring it out without a sturdy spout? In seconds, you’re covered in clouds of hard-to-remove flour, and you haven’t even began baking! The problems start all the way back in the supermarket, when you buy a heavy, sagging bag. Prior to purchase, the paper-thin package accumulates small rips, allowing flour to seep out everywhere from cart to cupboard.

Flo solves it all. Its eye-catching, angled sides fit perfectly into your hand, providing an easy way to maneuver a traditionally unwieldy package. Squeezing parallel “push” buttons opens and closes a built-in spout, eliminating the need for a spoon or scoop to remove flour. By varying your pushing pressure, you can adjust the angle of the spout and customize the speed at which flour is dispensed. The spout’s responsive design increases pouring accuracy, and the ergonomic structure makes handling the package a breeze.

Flo is constructed from durable 6-ply paperboard that makes the packaging sturdy, defined, and beautiful. Our 100% recyclable paperboard protects the flour, reducing the possibility of rips and sags throughout prolonged use. The paper’s sturdiness allows the angled sides of Flo to appear crisp and well-defined, lending an air of elegance to an innovative solution.