Portfolio Center: Leah Ayer, Lexie Earle, Ian Hills, Olivia Phelan, Lauren Bernstein

Cardinal Mill Flour set’s out to provide quality flour for every purpose in smart packaging that is biodegradablefriendly on your wallet and the planet.

Walking through the baking aisle remembering to pick up a package of flour one might begin to take bets on how long their 5 lb. bag will take to start seeping its white powder. It’s become second nature to come home from the store, take your paper bag of flour out of your plastic grocery bag and place it immediately into a large plastic ziplock bag. So many bags. So much waste. Such little functionality and white puffs and poufs all over your kitchen and cupboard. When striving to meet the needs of the consumer, we set out to keep price, ease of use and environmental impact on the forefront of our minds.

Mess should never be a deterrent for choosing not to bake especially when it comes to a such a cardinal ingredient like flour. Flour packaging should have the functionality of a drawer, it opens and supplies as readily as it closes and contains. A package that’s reusable and ergonomically rounded allowing any size spoon to round the edges and reduce clumping. Adopting the baker’s proper approach of lifting flour from container to measuring unit, your flour will be light and fluffy. We even included a mess free scoop that nests within the inside lid. It’s really that easy. It’s a hassle free, drama free approach to staying in the kitchen and avoiding the plague of wasted bags.

Using a 100% carbon neutral paper we were able to keep supply costs low. When you’re finished the container is recycled leaving your head, heart and planet happy.