Creative Circus: Sara Lowe, Morgan Mack

BandAids are probably one of the most useful products ever created. They make it easy for you to cover cuts and burns without the hassle of creating a new bandage for each injury. However every product has its shortcomings. BandAids aren’t easy to apply without help particularly if you have cuts or burns on your hands.

BooHoo comes in a portable package that dispenses BandAids with a simple flick of the wrist. The box is a thin durable plastic, with refillable slots for each BandAid size. BooHoo reduces the amount of packaging produced by BandAid. The bandages would be stacked with a sterile adhesive and the traditional wax paper edge would protect the exposed side and the absorbent pad that covers the wound.

When you get hurt, you get scared, so every bandage features a character who transforms when they’re in pain . The front of the package shows their painfree selves, while the inside shows their pained expressions and their BandAid tongues sticking out.