Georgia Tech: Tonya Joshi

Dealing with flour is a messy affair. First, you have to buy a bag of flour and hope that the one you picked up doesn't have a tear in it. Since flour is packaged in paper bags, it's also easy to slip within the folds and get all over your groceries. By the time you get home, the flour is more than likely on all the items in the bag. Once you sort that out, it's time to open it for baking. The folds are a danger zone- as you open the package, flour starts escaping. By the time the package is open, it's all over your hair, clothes, counter- you name it. Pouring it out is another task. Grabbing the bag with one hand while keeping most of the top closed and letting the flour escape through a slip. Oof! Sounds like a lot of hassle.!

Baker's flour addresses this issue in an elegant, ergonomically friendly, and environmentally gentle solution. The triangular box allows for a good grip by creating an area that nestles primarily around the stronger points of the palm. The easy pour spout allows the flour to seamlessly pour into your pan. You can simply tuck it back in and stow the flour away. ! The package is made of Tetra Pak lining while the outer shell is made of paperboard. Both of these products are 100% environmentally friendly, allowing the user to reduce environmental impact.

At Baker's flour, we believe in being gentle to the Earth. Starting from our organic flour to the package itself, we are working on reducing our footprint and giving back to our planet, one box at a time.