The University of Kansas: Lori Novak, Lynnasha Galbreath, Perry May, David Blizzard, Julia Doan

Plastic coffee creamer cups are messy, tricky to open, and create a handful of waste. Individually packaged coffee creamer has been making its way to the cup in the same manner for decades. According to research done by Nestle, Americans dispose of 37 billion creamer cups per year these cups can sometimes be a pain to open and other times be difficult to keep sealed, making a mess. Our design team targeted the environmental problems posed by previous packaging practices, and aimed to simplify the creamer process.

With Stiks there is no more compromise for your cream. Stiks are straw sized containers filled with cream that dissolve as you stir them into your hot coffee. Grab a Stik or two, drop them into your coffee, and stir. The Stik dissolves completely into your coffee due to the MonoSol incasing (FDA approved material that is water soluble, edible and optionally flavored). The Stiks’ process simplifies the coffee experience currently associated with creamer cups: peel, pour, stir, dispose of waste, repeat. Stiks promotes conservation of coffee related materials through its multipurpose design as a mixer and creamer eliminating the plastic waste from cups and stir straws. The packaging for Stiks is eye-catching, completely recyclable, and contains no harmful adhesives.