Georgia State University: Alexandra Anna Leon-Khan, Galvin Fray DeVore, Jennifer Kano Ashman, My Nuong Thi Tran, Akeem Mason

When designing a dispenser for maple syrup, we wanted to make sure that we could make a package that made it easy to hold and prevent sticky situations. By using a fixed tip and flexible container we were able to make it easier to control the flow and direction of the syrup. A flexible container makes it cheaper to ship, decreases storage space, and reduces production energy. The material of the package is made out of post-consumer recycled plastic. The overall shape of the package is based off a tree that not only helps the product stand out on the shelves but also fits comfortably in the hands of adults and children of all ages. The package is also light- weight, flexible, and durable. You can roll the package and squeeze out every last drop.

Drip Syrup is a modern homage to the age old art of crafting syrup. Drip embodies the craft of gathering maple syrup dating back hundreds of years, bringing the distinct flavor and character to your breakfast table.