Georgia State University: Alexandra Anna Leon, Galvin Fray DeVore, Jennifer Kano Ashman, Nuong Thi Tran, Akeem Mason

Our team wanted to create a package that not only stored the product neatly, but also conformed to it as it is used. Because butter is used in either halves or fourths the package is designed to save space by being able to re-size down as the product is used. This function helps to conserve space in the fridge. In addition to the enhanced functionality of the package we also wanted to add environmentally friendly features. The package is lined and sealed with beeswax to eliminate the use of wax paper or aluminum foil. This also helps with the preservation of the product.

The box itself is made from all natural recycled linen paper and uses a soy-based ink as well. The use of linen is reminiscent of butter muslin, which was used, in the traditional production of butter, while recycled gold leaf accents promote the high quality of the brand’s product. Production costs were also taken into consideration with the construction of the package. The package is made from a single cut of 8.5” x 11” recycled linen paper. Additional design decisions include a recipe card, a coupon on the inside of the package, and a measuring system. The package overall is designed to where the user conveniently never has to touch the butter.