The Portfolio Center: Mary Catherine Matheny, Thomas Toley, Melissa King, Julia MaryeBrent Ellis, Shane Kingery, Sharrion Biggers, Alec Burch

First churned some 4,000 years ago, butter has been become a basic and important food in most households around the world. In our research, we discovered that Frederick Lowenfels was the president of Hotel Bar Butter. His sons, Albert and Walter, were the original creators of the box butter carton and wax paper wrapper in 1931. Around the same time, Albert Lowenfels patented a triangular shape carton called the Polyhedral Butter Pack. To pay tribute to this revolutionary family, we decided to name our butter company Lowenfels and Sons. The triangle-­‐shaped idea from the 1930’s inspired us to develop a similarly shaped package that answers many of the current issues we are facing with stick butter today.

With a few tweaks to Lowenfels’ original sketch, our new package solves the inability to reseal and the messiness of butter once it’s open. With eco-­‐bond adhesive the package can be easily resealed and it preserves and protects the butter from destructive air. The package is made of Tetra Pak, which creates a sturdy base that the consumer can hold without getting their hands greasy while cutting butter. The sturdy base and protective cover also acts as a convenient butter dish in your refrigerator. The package, which contains four triangles, is partially held together with the branded sticker on the front that the consumer must interact with. Once removed the triangles are connected together with perforated ends. The perforations allow for easy separation, but keep the sticks together until the consumer is ready to use.

We also have a color system to differentiate salted versus unsalted butter—salted has blue packaging and unsalted has magenta packaging. The color blue evokes trust and reliability, and magenta evokes strength and innovation. These are all qualities that Lowenfels and Sons uphold. We also included all the various uses of butter on the package in the same sense that we’re rethinking butter and how it’s used.

Even with this innovated structure, we’ve still managed to keep the same volume of square stick butter and solid consistency that people like and are accustomed to in a four-­‐ounce four-­‐pack. Measurements are another important part of butter packaging, so we’ve put this in two places. We’ve notched the butter itself into tablespoon increments and we have also included a measuring guide along the front tab. With this new system, you can cut the butter without losing the measurements with the paper.

We packaged our butter in Tetra Pak, which provides sustainable packaging and sterilizes the butter inside. The packaging also includes an eco-­‐friendly bond adhesive to reseal the butter once it’s been opened.

Our aesthetically innovative triangular design and system attracts the eye of our target market, as well as presents the product in an inviting manner. Lowenfels and Sons is the better butter of choice because it provides convenient, resealable, safe, innovative and environmentally sound packaging for natural butter products.