Portfolio Center: Jenny Savage, Mary Harding, M.C.Coppage, Jess Ruiz,

Butter Up makes butter simple. It goes from fridge to table without any mess. Butter Up bends in the middle, fanning out the butter and locks for a table top display. Regular butter sticks are messy. It is difficult to rewrap and the wax paper becomes greasy. Wax paper is not easy to cut through, and always gets in the way. The bane of the frequent butter user. The measurement system fails if the same stick is used for both measured cooking and toast. Calories are hard to count when you don’t know how much you’re spreading.

Butter Up changes all that.

In the fridge, it takes up the same amount of room as a single stick of butter. On the table, it provides easy access to butter pats without extra dishes or cutting. For use in cooking, the fanned butter pats warm to room temperature faster than an uncut stick would. Pre-portioned butter pats makes measurement easy.

Butter Up is made with recycled and recyclable materials. Biodegradable plastic, paper, and butter. That’s it! Simple. The Butter Up is protected in the fridge by a clear sleeve, letting you see exactly how much butter you have left. The package features locking tabs, easily and ergonomically transforming it from flat to arched. The arched shape fans out the butter, making it accessible to knives all around the dining table. The tabs lock in place so you can pass the butter.

The farm fresh design harkens back to a time when meals were shared and homemade.

Pass the Butter Up!