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● the reasons behind a design decision, ● the justification for it, ● the other alternatives considered, ● the trade offs evaluated, and ● the argumentation that led to the decision. Outline: ● Camping Experience and Tissue Use ● Different types of tissues and containers already out there ● How we are different and better ● The type of packaging we used and why We are branding for toilet paper. We decided on a hexagonal shape. It is easy to pack on a shelf and easy to store in or on a bag. And if it falls to the ground, it won’t roll away. There will also be a rivet on the individual containers so that it can be clipped to your clothes or bag. There will be two different sizes for different size groups. There will be a big container for a group of people, and there also be individual sizes that are in a triangular shape that fit together to make the same size hexagon as the group pack. The tissue that comes inside will not have a core. The entire package will be biodegradable. The overall container for the individual packs will break apart and can lay flat. They will also be able to tear apart from the whole group. Each container will also double as the dispenser. beeswax treated palm fiber Our packaging follows the cycle of nature – our product life cycle starts with a natural renewable resource and through composting, ends up as humus, creating valuable nutrients for the soil. All our products have been certified as home compostable and will break down in the compost within 90 days. It’s been easy for us to ignore the direct impact our habits and decisions have on the environment, but we won’t be able to turn a blind eye forever. We cannot continue to simply throw things away in the hopes that they will just disappear. Unfortunately, there is no place called “away”. Every plastic carton in a landfill dramatically reduces the quality of the environment that we all depend on – every carton, every purchase decision, and every action, no matter how large or small, matters. At Earthcycle, we expect individuals and organizations to make responsible purchasing decisions, so part of our job must be to not only provide them with alternatives, but to also give them access to the necessary information and tools to help them with the decision making process. As such, we aspire to be a catalyst and among the leaders in helping individuals and organizations make better purchasing decisions by playing a proactive role in creating awareness, educating, engaging, and fostering dialogue for change. Read more: html#ixzz1nRia2b2X Reasons behind Hexagonal Shape: ● won’t roll when it falls ● easy to pack together and store on shelf ● easy to package together ● unique shape to help differentiate from competitors ● contains the shape of tp snuggly ● keeps roll from rolling around inside ● optimizes real estate Reasons behind the Individual Triangles: ● It fits better into the system we have created ● it doesn’t require any different storing and packaging from the group size ● subdivision of the master shape Reasons for Coreless ● Can hold more tissue ● Less packaging Has teeth ● roll, rip, and go ● Roll instead of lay flat because it will be easier to access tp from container ● Colors are a fun and more vibrant colors variations of the colors found in nature ● recycled 100% biodegradable and dissolves rapidly, non-chlorinated ● Modern, Witty, Whim ● Infographic-process of using the bathroom in the woods ● Can leave behind/shed weight as they go ● Leave No Trace ● tissue is a basic commodity ● responsible use of materials ● Easy dispenser ● Water proof ● Luxury without luxury price Many campgrounds have outhouses however, there’s not always tissue paper and it’s not always clean so it’s handy to have your own tissue with you while camping and what better than to have a container that not only [gallery]clips to your belt but doubles as the dispenser so you don’t have to worry about the tissue getting dirty. People typically by more toilet paper than they need for one go. (Buy in bulk) TP is usually made from trees ● Please pack out all backcountry trash for proper disposal ● Plastic packaging Bio-Wipe Camp Toilet Tissue ● Plastic Packaging ● 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and manufactured from 25% recycled paper. This coreless roll of toilet paper is the perfect size for camping, hiking and backpacking. 140 sheets packaged in a plastic wrapper. Available in Natural White Coleman’s ● The biodegradable Coleman Toilet Paper 4 Pack can be used anywhere. It contains no dyes or perfumes and disintegrates rapidly. ● Disintegrates rapidly, prevents clogs ● Biodegradable, no dyes or perfumes ● 4 rolls per package ● Toilet tissue is biodegradable ● Paper friendly to environment, contains no dyes, no perfumes ● Camping toilet paper dissolves rapidly, reducing clogs ● Four toilet paper rolls per package Coleman’s Camp Tissue ● Small role sizes for compact carrying ● Dimensions: 260 inches x 4.5 inches ● Biodegradable, safe for septic systems ● Case doubles as dispenser ● 3 rolls per pack Coghlan’s ● rolls do not contain a core, thereby keeping weight and bulk to a minimum ● 2 oz ● 1 ply ● flimsy