Ringling College: Art & Design: Drew Rios & Alex Garey

The concept for our bottled water design was inspired by nature; specifically water in its natural state. Water presents itself in many forms, but the form that was most inspiring to us was water as a solid: the iceberg. After researching icebergs and their different body styles, we landed on the Tabular Iceberg. Tabular Icebergs are known for their steep sides and flat tops and are almost plateau like in appearance; this shape heavily influenced the design and style of our bottled water. The strong angles and steep edges of our bottle resemble the shape of the Tabular Iceberg itself, relating back to the theme of water as a solid in its natural state. Our goal was to make the bottle look as though it was cut straight out of the icy mass while still elegant and graceful in appearance; thus we chose the name TABULAR™ for our product. TABULAR™ became the perfect fit for our bottled water for more reasons than one, such as the pull-tab that we integrated into our design as the means of opening the bottle.

The packaging for TABULAR™ would be made of 100% recycled paper with an all natural hydrophobic coating made from beeswax. Thus making our product 100% recyclable and safe for the environment from start to finish. Because of the design of TABULAR™, the packaging itself is easily compactable when it comes time to be recycled. The indented shaped of the package and the fact that TABULAR™ is made completely from recycled paper makes it so, once empty, it can easily be compacted to be recycled yet again.