GA Tech: Shrinka Roy, Robert Stout

SugarPop is snap fit packaging that can carry standard cans in 4, 6, and 8 pack configurations. SugarPop is made out of KartaPack Begasse. This material is molded pulp packaging made from bagasse fiber which is a waste product of sugarcane and sorghum during sugar processing. This 100% waste-fiber is non-toxic, has no adhesives and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, with comparable strength and stiffness to current plastic rings. Whether thrown away in the trash or recycled, SugarPop guarantees we keep plastics out of the oceans and in our natural environments. In keeping with the current packaging process, SugarPop allows cans to be press-fit in and then the blank cut to size based on the pack size of the cans. The flat top of the standardized blank serves as additional support for the cans, space for the flat pack handle, and a value-add area for any of Hi-Cone's customers to customize branding.

The pop-up handle remains flat when not in use ± allowing distributors ease of use during shipping and handling and retailers to easily stack packs on shelves. For customers, the handles allow for easy transport from store to home and more. The snap fit rings hold the cans securely throughout packaging and distribution, but are easy to break for customers ready for their drink.

Because SugarPop is made of waste fibers from sugar production, it is a natural material that actually takes extra waste out of our environment, and allows it to be reused. Additionally, the material is 100% biodegradable and recyclable so that it has no end-of-life environmental impact. The additional blank space at the top allows for Hi-Cone's customers to utilize branding and integrate promotional information on the sustainability of this new product. This design was created with standardization in mind in order to fit seamlessly with any of Hi-Cone's brands