GA Tech: Logan Penney, Sydney Balcom, Matthew Askari, John Ugbe

The float pack is a replacement of Hi-cone’s plastic 6-pack ring designed to carry and distribute six 12.0 Oz coca-cola Brand aluminum cans. The pack is made from 100% recycled single ply corrugated cardboard, which provides strength and flexibility while keeping weight and cost minimal.

A system of cardboard teeth utilizes the weight and shape of the cans to suspend the cans in the packaging. These teeth provide incredible support, preventing the cans from slipping through the packaging. However, a customer can easily pull a can out or put one back into place, allowing for easy access and continued use. The functionality of the packaging is further improved by a sturdy ergonomic handle that provides more comfortable transporting for the consumer. Additionally, the spacing of the cans and the handle allows packs to be stacked directly, promoting efficient shelving and shipping. This improved efficiency leads to reduced costs and less carbon emissions for manufacturers. The float pack was created with the environment in mind. It is constructed entirely from recycled cardboard, which makes it curbside recyclable. The reusability of the packaging further promotes sustainability. Additionally, once cans have been used, they can be placed back in the pack until the user finds a recycling location. This incentivizes consumers to recycle, as they can easily hold on to their cans if there is not a recycling location nearby.

Our design prominently features Coca-Cola logos on all sides, promoting branding. We connect the product immediately with the consumer through our use of Coca-Cola red as well as the Gotham typeface frequented by Coca-Cola designers. We further extend Coca-Cola design by manipulating the company’s classic wave to simulate an ocean wave. The wave undulates around all sides and is mirrored in the handle to add visual balance. This wave is intended to remind consumers that the products they use have an impact on vulnerable ecosystems, such as the ocean. This reminder, coupled with the affirmation that our packing is made from “100% recycled material” prompts users to choose our packaging, as it is the most sustainable option. The recycling icon encourages users to recycle and the “World Without Waste” text clarifies our package’s role in promoting sustainability. We intentionally break Coca-Cola design norms by using the color blue, which highlights our aquatic design and draws attention to the uniqueness of the project. With our unique two layer structure, cans seem to be magically suspended and when the shopper grabs our 6-Pack from the shelf they will be amazed and delighted trying to figure out how it works. Adding contrast rings in white highlights this feature and signals that the cans are “floating” against the pale blue background. This illusion extends our aquatic design.

This design achieves our goals of sparking joy in our users, directing public attention to environmental causes, and providing a sustainable and practical product to replace plastic rings. While our product’s current branding is oriented towards Coca-Cola, the structure is applicable to any of Hi-cone’s clients.