Clemson: Eliza Basel, Sophie Taylor, Weston Whitfield

Plastic Hi-Cone rings, while the standard in can packaging, have received backlash over pollution and sustainability concerns. Even if the rings are degradable, they can leave behind harmful microplastics, and the low-density polyethylene used to produce them has limited curbside recyclability in the United States. Molson Coors is on a mission to “put a stake in the ground and raise the bar.” Among their sustainability targets, they aim to make a positive impact on public health, the environment, and communities. Furthermore, they strive to package their products in 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable materials, according to their 2025 Imprint Goals.

Paperboard is widely recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional Hi-Cone rings. Made of clay coated board, the package has a smooth surface for higher quality printing and graphics. This material meets the FCC Green Guide standard for recyclability in the continental United States. Aside from being fully recyclable, the package is reclosable and reusable. Unlike conventional paperboard beverage packages, it features a unique fold and carry design that allows users to transport and stow unopened cans or even pop in their own. It can also be used to hold empty cans until they can be responsibly disposed of. An ergonomic cut-out handle makes Coors easier to carry than typical Hi-Cone plastic rings. The toothed openings are designed to secure the cans inside the package, reduce material, and give consumers a view of the cans inside.

With a new pyramid design, these carriers are eye-catching on the shelf while still being efficient to palletize. The unique shape alludes to Coors’ association to Wilson Peak, but could easily be adapted to other six-pack lines. A clever homage to the recycling symbol wraps around the Coors Light mountain, representing Molson Coors’ dedication to sustainability, from the peaks of the Rockies and beyond. The bold red and chrome graphics align with existing Coors Light branding. Icy imagery on the panel of exposed cans gives the sense of reaching into a cooler for a chilled beer.

In this repack, we express Molson Coors’ mission of being responsibly refreshing.