Miami Ad School: Emily Pruitt, Jessie Daley, Aaron Prince, Amanda Branom, Olivia Jennings

Our primary objective when designing our multipack solution came down to simplicity and functionality. Upon looking at products from Hi-Cone’s largest customers (Coke, Pepsi, Molson Coors, ABI) we chose BABE Rosé for its irreverent, humorous tone, which when combined with new packaging can create a unique blend of functionality, recyclability, and levity. Our design follows the basic rule of home building: sturdy foundation and walls to support weight and gravitational pull. One of the driving factors of our design was a functional, detachable base that could double as reusable coasters to encourage reusing and recycling. The cans are glued to the coasters using a water-soluble glue that would dissolve when the can begins to produce condensation. We used BABE’s colors, type, and symbols in order to brand the packaging to match their usual style. The package’s sides fold to connect into a handle at the top to optimize portability and convenience for the consumer. We needed a sturdy material that could withstand the weight of six cans while adhering to the baseline weight of 3.5 grams and decided to construct the packaging from a lightweight cardboard made from previously recycled materials. Cardboard is recyclable in every U.S. state, making it a viable material for curbside pickup and ready to be reused again. Our design puts the fun in functionality, inviting BABE’s consumers to enjoy and recycle.