Portfolio Center: Rowan Griscom, Carsyn Cluba, Leanna Martin

At coke, it’s important to enact meaningful change and what better way to make a difference than during the holiday season. Music plays on the radio, cookies bake in the oven, and the crisp, pop of coke echoes in the background. Coke’s legendary holiday campaigns serve not only as a nostalgic glimpse into the past, but also a restore of sense that all’s well in the world.

Introducing Coke’s new way of inventing their own 12-can Fridge Pack—just in time for the approaching holiday season. This new packaging has reconfigured the traditional fridge pack to accommodate a more balanced center of gravity for easier transportation as well as two options for storing in the fridge. The pack can be stored lying flat or on its side without causing any consumer frustration. It takes Coke’s current sustainable method of using 100% recyclable paperboard and reduces it by 50%. In order to ensure easy carrying of the packs, we have played off of the theme of the gift by using the ribbon of the present to create handles that are strong enough to support the weight of the cans. Keeping Coke in mind, the shape of the ribbon that crosses vertically on the pack is the Coke wave. All packs can stack conveniently on top of each other.

The packaging also visually represents Coke’s next holiday message to their customers: Give the Gift of Coke. It was important for us to highlight Coke’s values and allow the consumers to share in these. Dispersed among the three different packs we have built, the 12 12oz can pack, 4 12oz can pack, and 4 7.5oz can pack, are several different values including—Joy, Time, Bliss, Peace, Love, Compassion, and Friendship.

So head to the store, grab a pack of cokes and leave it under your tree for the ones you feel need it most. Give the gift of Joy. Love. Peace. Bliss. Time. Compassion. Friendship. Give the gift of Coke.