Virginia Tech: Anh Hong, Alyshia Hoyer, Rebecca Haynes, Gillian Cubbage

The circular design of the package allows for easy storage, easy accesses and an easy breezy snacking experience. The cost efficient light weight paperboard we chose to form our package Is not only biodegradable but sustainable material. In an ideal setting, we would have access to and have chosen a material that has oxygen barrier properties to preserve the nuts for a longer period of time. We chose to use 6 tear-away compartments to promote healthy eating every day of the week (besides the one cheat day we all know we deserve). The illustrations on the package ensure the consumer that the product they’re buying will contribute to a natural and healthy lifestyle. This is shown through the tree as the center piece of the graphic. We also chose to display a wide arrange of greens and blues to catch peoples’ eyes when they browse the shelves. These colors are scientifically proven to increase brain activity and trigger the emotions of creativity and calmness which in turn makes the individual subconsciously feel healthier and more fulfilled. The simple design is unique in contrast to other brands marketing similar products.

We would also like to emphasize the simplicity of our design. Natures beauty comes from the simplicity of it. The saying less is more was said for a reason. Often times people try to over extend their imaginations and create something that although may look neat doesn’t actually get the job done. It is important to keep the main objectives in mind: eat better, stay healthy. Simple. Our quick and easy tear away design gives you easy access to better, longer and a healthier lifestyle. It’s not a hassle it’s not frustrating its mindless, just like healthy living should be.