Bridgeport: John Bonanno, Kwabena Asante, Kayleigh Zaczkiewicz, Kaicheng Li, Colin Droste

In our busy lives, many of us have very limited time to keep a healthy and nutritious diet. What we offer is a simple and easily implementable way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Health Nut is a wholesome to-go container of your daily serving of peanuts. The Health Nut is a cardboard product that is constructed of fourteen tearable sections, which house the peanuts. The consumer tears off one of the sections to consume throughout the day. At each segment being 3 inches in length and .75 inches in width, the Health Nut is ultra-portable to coincide with our fast lives. The Health Nut offers a two week supply of on the go peanuts, providing a daily portion of protein. Once you’re done with your fourteen Health Nut cases, a bio-degradable box if left which is used to plant a seed to compensate with the environment.

Peanuts are rich in nutrients and have many different health benefits that positively affect your life. These benefits include vitamin-e, protein, biotin, monounsaturated fats, and so much more. To keep in line with the healthy lifestyle we promote, when all fourteen of the individual cases are removed, the customer is left with a cardboard shell that encourages the purchaser to plant an enclosed peanut seed. This gives back to the Earth in a simple way and promotes a more self-sufficient lifestyle. All of the cardboard is bio-degradable which means virtually no waste is made in production. Overall, The Health Nut is an efficient source to easily grab a nutritious snack on the go.