Virginia Tech: Tom Kratovil, Zach Shiner, Jesse Arevalo, David Buntua

The purpose of this design was to improve upon the current blister packaging for AA batteries in the retail marketplace. Customer feedback provided insight that current blister packs were hard to open, not resealable, nor reusable. Our design aspires to alleviate consumer concerns with difficult to open packaging. Furthermore, our packaging system is resealable and reusable. This design also provides additional functionality, in that it allows the consumer to store spent batteries and dispose of the batteries responsibly. This packaging solution adequately contains and protects the product while promoting responsible battery disposal and use. This package is not intended to be a one use disposable package, but a system for proper battery containment and disposal. The inspiration for our concept came from a clear plastic spice container. The package holds a total of 16 batteries divided into 4 individual cells with perforated tabs. These tabs can be folded and closed as needed. An insert divides the batteries and cells. A two part top and lid are folded and glued to the hexagonal body, creating a three-piece container. A hang tab allows for better storage and visibility. We chose a design with a relatively low amount of paperboard and a small blank area. We were limited in our manufacturing capabilities and a design consideration was to use clear plastic acetate for the entire container, but at the least have a clear see through lid. This package will be marketed to commercial retail stores and can be found, near check out aisles as an impulse buy. The product is small enough to fit on small item hangers and displays. Furthermore, the package can easily fit on a shelf or in a drawer in the consumer’s residence. The hexagonal shape and color differentiate the product among competing square and blister pack battery manufacturers. Thank you for reviewing our submission for IoPP 48 Hour RePack Student Design Competition 2017.