Georgia State University: Hyun Jin Bae, Mallory Keeler, Jeshua Anies

One of the most revolutionary and widely used technologies today is the battery. Invented by Alessandro Volta, the voltaic pile, as the battery was then known, could provide an electric current to a circuit. Over the years, the battery has gotten more compact and is able to carry more power allowing for industry-standard consumption. In our world today, they have an important role in providing charge to everyday items such as flashlights, smart phones, and electric cars. Though it has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, battery packaging still faces simple but frustrating problems. One of the problems of current battery packaging is that typically a secondary tool, such as a pair of scissors is needed to open it. This is an inefficient way to open the product because scissors are normally bulky and don’t easily fit into the tiny, hard-to-reach spaces of the plastic casing. Also, since the packaging fits in our palms, consumers run the risk of cutting their fingers. Staminax creates a practical solution to this problem by using a medical-like battery casing that pops out of a thin aluminum backing. This case is housed in an eco-friendly box with a re-closable flap that requires no additional tools to open and secures the battery casing after use. Another problem is that after removing the batteries from their original package, a secondary container is needed to store them. Until next use, these batteries typically get placed in a sandwich bag or a plastic container to avoid rolling around in a drawer. In rare cases, adults place batteries onto a table, which increases the potential of them falling into a hands of a child. With Staminax, consumers will never think twice about those problems. If a consumer just needs one battery, they simply pop it out of its capsule, leaving the other batteries securely in place. From there, they can recycle the exterior packaging or place it back in its original box and store in a drawer or cabinet without ever having to hear the rolling of loose batteries again. Inspired by the secure, methodical, and simplistic yet appealing feel of the medical world, Staminax breaks revolutionary barriers with battery packaging and authentic and unique design. Staminax’s packaging is geared for consumers to enjoy breaking out a new pack of batteries that it is sure to leave them grateful next time they purchase a product that says, “batteries not included.”